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Special Event Magic Shows

The Perfect Family Fun Entertainment!

Magic Jake's family-friendly illusion shows and strolling entertainment provide the perfect all ages entertainment for your next special event.

Whether your event has 20 or 2000 guests Jake's shows are guaranteed to have the whole family in fits of laughter and astonishment.




Magic Jake's 50 minute, fun-filled, action-packed children's comedy magic & illusion show is guaranteed to entertain and amaze families of all ages. 

Magic Jake's shows include:

- Jaw-Dropping Magic

- Hilarious Age-Appropriate Comedy 

- Lots of Audience Participation so the kids become the stars of the show

 - And even a few larger illusions where tables float around the room and children get sawed in half and SO MUCH MORE! 

NOTE: Jake's shows can be customised for any event/performance, from 5 to 50 minutes.



Have Magic Jake wander around your event performing 'mini' magic shows and balloon twisting for small groups. 

Get to witness the impossible, inches away from your eyes with engaging close-up magic.

Kids will even get some crazy balloon creations they get to keep.

These vibrant sculptures, along with Jake's 'mini' magic shows, are sure to create a fun and exciting atmosphere at your next event!


my family had an amazing time watching Magic Jake at his magic show.

the magic show was full of awesome magic and tricks and Magic Jake has a way of including his audience in his show.

we would recommend seeing this magicians

Thank you Magic Jake for the laughs and memories"

- Meri Oakwood

  • We want to book, what do we do now?
    Get in-touch with Jake by hitting the book now button below and fill out the contact form with your information and tell us about your event, we will get back to you shortly after with details about pricing and performances.
  • How much does it cost?
    The million dollar question (not literally of course), our pricing is the same for each educational program we do, however we also include any additional expenses in the quoted price (such as travel, accommodation & GST). We do offer a discount if you decide to book multiple shows, re-book the same week after having a show or if you arrange a nearby school to book on the same day. If you're interested in bringing Jake's educational incursions to your centrel, get in-touch today for a quick quote.
  • Does your show use live animals?
    No Jakes shows no longer feature any live animals.
  • Do you have an ABN, Public Liability and a Working With Children Check?
    yes, yes and yes! Jake is insured for $30,000,000 for your peace of mind, has a current working with children's check and an ABN, all of which can be sent to you directly when you get in-touch with us.
  • We booked Jake for a show, what now?
    Here's a quick 3 step guide to have the show run smoothly as possible: 1) The Arrival - Jake will arrive 1 hour before the scheduled start time to load in and set-up the show, please let us know where the best place to park is if it is not easily accessible. 2) The Set-up - Find a room indoors to host the show where Jake can set-up and perform the the kids, school halls work great. Jake will also require a nearby power socket for the show. NOTE: We do not recommend having the show outdoors. 3) The Show - It's Showtime! Time to bring the kids in and get them seated on the floor. After performing at a lot of centres through the years we have found it is best to seat the older children at the front, there are several reasons why this is optimal. Firstly they become the engine driving this interactive show, the younger ones will look to them on how to react or behave. Secondly seating toddlers towards the back allows their attention (and physical bodies) to wander, they can also be quickly and easily attended to if needed in a way that won't distract the flow of the show. And there you have it the 3-step guide to having a smooth-running incursion! To recap: have easy access to venue, make sure the show is indoors and seat the younger toddlers towards the back.
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